Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Third Day of Posting♥

November 23
Today was easier than I thought it would be. Although I wouldn't recommend not eating breakfast, I got out of school at 11:20, and was able to enjoy a delicious lunch with my mom at olive garden. Although I ordered the "Endless Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks" this did not serve me well. I ordered the Chicken and Ghnocci, which is absolutely mouthwatering, but I pretty much ate my entire 1,200 calories in one sitting, if not more. I was never a person that took a liking to salad, so I did not have any, but I did focus mainly on my soup, rather than have breadstick after breadstick. As for drinks, I had 2 dr. Pepper's, which is a big no no, and a water. A little trick I always use with drinks is to order what you prefer, but ALWAYS with a water. If your like me, and go through work to get to play, you will finish off your water first, and while your enjoying your meal, you will be casually taking a drink of your soda. Hence, you won't be drinking as much soda, then if you would have just gotten soda. It's a small tip, but soda is one of the worst drinks for you.
So far, it is about 2:30, and that is all I have had today. I left there feeling content from just my soup. A good way to cut down. Find a scrumptious soup that you love, and eat it for your meals until you have every ingredient memorized just by tasting it.
Being a teenager, I completely understand all of the stresses of being overweight. You hold back from doing everything that your "skinny" friends do. It is harder to find clothes than it is to find a Mcdonalds in Africa. You have no self confidence, and we all know boys is a big part of it. But aside from all of that, being healthy is also one of the biggest concerns. Anyone has the power to lose weight. The hard part is resisting urges, and those stupid Dairy Queen commercials. So many kids die from heart attacks when they are young because they are obsessively overweight, especially in the United States. And I don't know about you, but one of my biggest dreams is to be famous. To be a singer/actress/model. I would do anything for that. But the most overweight TV star seen these days is Rosanne Barr. 
I'm not saying fat people aren't loved. I mean, hello, Santa Clause. But it is just such a better lifestyle. And c'mon girls, we know we want it. It needs to happen in a young age, because unlike photos, it doesn't get better with age. If we break the cycle now, there's nothing stopping us. So get out there and take that walk you've been dying to take while there is still sun in the sky, and it's not raining snowballs.

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