Thursday, December 9, 2010

Alright a new idea♥

So instead of continuously apologizing for not writing every night, I have made a few resolutions. The first is, that I will write every week. No doubt, before 12a.m. on saturday night, I will at least have a new blog entry every week. If I occasionally feel like adding a few posts here and there, so be it. But I solemnly swear, pinky promise, that I will try my absolute hardest to write a new blog every week. My second resolution is probably the most important. I am ashamed to be saying this, just because I am backing out of what I have previously said, but I think I will have to start this "diet" of mine on January 1st of the new year. I understand this is entirely a let down, but the stresses of the holidays, as well as finals, are not providing me with much to work with. If I start at the beginning of the year, it will be entirely easier to accomplish this goal. It is also a setback, however, because I won't be able to lose 90 lbs, but only 80. Tomorrow, I have the gorgeous TaRhonda Thomas coming over to my humble abode in order to interview me, as well as make this blog a little more popular, so that more girls like me are aware of it. Although I am not officially starting my diet until January 1st, I do have some advice. Even though it is not being pressured, be sure to get some exercise once in a while. For example, I went and played a small amount of volleyball with my family today before it got dark. Also, if your a big organizer, such as me, plan out your diet. Create a calendar with the certain things your going to eat as well as exercise, and it will make it easier to accomplish rather than just  playing everything by ear. I do apologize for going back on my statement, but those are the most recent changes to this blog. If you would like to discuss anything, or you would like to ask me for advice on ANYTHING, i'm usually pretty good at that stuff. So don't be shy:)

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  1. No need to apologize, AFP! Find what works for you. When you get super busy, once a week may be enough. When you have lots to say, you may want to post everyday. No worries.

    I agree that its good to write down everything you eat. Its keeps you accountable to yourself and others.

    You'll do fine! I'm rooting for you, as I suspect, will others. I found your blog today in a newspaper article, so now I'll be checking in to see how you're doing.

    I, too, am trying to lose weight- about 50 pounds. Its a slow steady process. Good luck!